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Should Drone Pilots Be Regulated And Have To Pass Exams To Operate?

As of 30 November 2019, the answer to this question is yes for UK drone owners. Drone usage has seen a significant increase in the last few years. More people are investing in drones for recreational, professional and commercial purposes.

The aircraft has also become more affordable as manufacturing demands grow. Due to the popularity of drones, regulation has become necessary. The Civil Aviation Authority established new rules to ensure that any person who owns and operates an unmanned aircraft is responsible for it.

In this quick guide by Omar Kaddouha, you can find out more about the regulation and…

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Drones And The Problems For Major International Airports

Drones are bad news in any International Airport. If a drone is suspected to be around an airport, all airport activities are shut down or suspended for hours. Everyone who was travelling will have their plans disrupted immediately when a drone is spotted.

How Drones Cause So Much Disruption In Airports

Airports operate under the just-in-time technique. There will be a plane moving off or onto the runways after every 45 seconds. International Airports operate numerous flights and to different destinations so you can imagine how busy they are.

If drones are present, they may interrupt the flow of planes onto and off the runways especially if planes…

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Safety Policies, Standards and Operations

What Airlines Need To Change With The Continuing Threat Of Coronavirus


In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, flying this year is expected to be more tedious as compared to the past. However, this may prove to be a blessing in disguise because various sectors, especially the airport and airlines sector, will be pushed to implement positive change at a drastic speed.

Among expected standards and operations that are expected to change include shorter lines, touchless checkpoints, and increased use of mobile phone features. This article aims at reviewing the safety policies, standards and operations that airports and airlines can change with the continuing threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

You can…

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Do Airline Pilots Get To Choose What Aircraft They Fly?

The answer to this question varies among airlines and other factors. First, some airlines permit pilots to choose the aircraft they want to fly or to co-pilot. However, it is always not so simple because the ranks also matter when it comes to these types of decisions.

Senior pilots often choose which aircraft they want to fly, which leaves junior pilots with limited options. The seniority level is brought about by the hours of flight the pilot has or how long he/she has been employed in the airline.

The seniority levels matter a lot when it is time to make…

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What Is A Type Rating & Why Is It Required By A Pilot?

Many young people interested in planes have a desire to undertake a career in flying larger commercial planes. After all, becoming a pilot is an excellent opportunity to travel the world and view the earth from a different angle.

However, before you attain the qualification of flying specific aircraft, there are several checks the pilot will need to achieve. One of such checks is type rating. In this guide, we will discuss what type of rating is and why pilots need type rating.

What Is a Type Rating?

Type rating refers to a mandatory regulating agency’s certification that allows aspiring airplane pilots to operate specific…

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What Is One Of The Safest General Aviation Aircraft?

The Safest General Aviation Aircraft

Every pilot in the sky prioritizes safety above all other things. This fact is further emphasized when a pilot is flying with their family and friends. When in the market for a private aircraft, a plane’s safety factor should be what drives your choice rather than a luxury. Once you’ve chosen a safe aircraft, you can then think of aspects like luxury, style and colour.

In the history of aeroplanes, twin-engine failures have proven to be more severe than the single-engine ones. A good example is Canada’s and the US airspace in the past have registered a significant number of…

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Can A Pilot Fly Different Types Of Planes?

Types of Planes That a Pilot Can Fly

Commonality isn’t new in aviation. Boeing is amongst the companies that started the commonality trend but Airbus, a rival, perfected it. There have been common types of planes like the Boeing 757 and 767. Both the FAA and manufacturer consider these planes to be of the same type even though the 757 occupies 200 passengers while the 767 has a 250-passenger capacity.

Companies like Boeing achieve this by making the flight decks nearly identical. Therefore, for the pilots, the only difference can be how they access the deck of these two types. It’s an advantage to everyone involved since the…

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The System of Satellite Communication and aircraft is real. It has made communication more efficient and safer for pilots. Apart from that, satellites have contributed heavily to making flights entertaining, safe, and smoother for passengers.

Dr Omar Kaddouha, who is an expert in the aviation industry with many years of experience in safety flights, is ensuring that travels are secure. With the help of satellite communication, this has been possible.

Passengers can be exposed to extreme risks such as acts of terrorism. Without the help of satellites, it would be hard to react to such an extreme situation for the…

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Cyber-crime is on the increase with all businesses prone to attack at some point. Airports are especially vulnerable to acts of terrorism, which doesn’t always involve bombs or weapons of any kind. Cyber-attacks can be just as deadly just like physical attacks that take place.

Cyber-security and airports

Cyber-attacks come in many forms, not all of them deadly but costly nonetheless. Malware, ransomware, phishing, hacking — all can lead to expensive delays whilst remedial action is taken.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) estimates there are 1,000 cyber-attacks on aviation systems each month. …

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In the past, there had been several cases of planes being grounded or diverted to other airports after one or several drones were seen near the airport. There have also been cases of drones crashing against airliners. However, none of the cases ended up being fatal.

The Drone Strike Threat

Drones are a consumer technology that is gaining ground due to many uses that include photography, transporting small items and videography. It is expected that the number of people that are owning drones will continue to increase in the future. …

Omar Kaddouha

Omar Kaddouha, an expert in Aviation Safety of Flights - Director of Flight Safety.

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