Airport and Airplane Safety Tips

Times have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic affecting just about every sector of every economy. The airline industry is one of the markets that have been hit hard due to travel restrictions. With more countries opening up, flights have resumed with strict measures to ensure everyone is as safe as possible when travelling.

As you travel, it is vital to consider adhering to as many safety options as possible. This is important to both keep yourself safe and others from any harm when travelling. …

Difference Between Flight Safety and Flight Security

Security and safety are two different words yet used interchangeably. However, both names are essential, especially in air travel.

By definition, flight security involves a set of resources and measures to prevent terrorism or any malicious act targeting passengers, flight crew, and aircraft itself. The process of flight security involves pre-boarding procedures, airport security personnel and intelligence gathering. Some of the procedures involved in maintaining security in flights include explosives detections and X-ray machines.

On the other hand, flight safety relates to all activities that reduce errors, accidents, and unintentional defects in the aircraft’s construction, design, and maintenance.

Even though…

Top Tips For Navigating Airport Security


Are you expecting a flight in the next coming days? Then this guide is for you. With the increased demand of people travelling via airline, long queues of travellers waiting for check-in in the airport have become routine. However, travelling comes with exciting experiences such as new friends and a new way of life. Any seasoned traveller can tell that navigating through airport security can worsen when you are running late.

Fortunately, there are still ways to help you go through airport security faster and save you some minutes. …

Why is Airport Security Important?

Omar Kaddouha

Airport security has become a rising concern these days. The security measures in the aviation industry have increased significantly so that more people can prefer to travel by air. Consequently, the safety of airports is very crucial because of their significant contribution to global economic development.

Technology has a major influence when it comes to security in the aviation industry. It plays a vital role in ensuring all components operate efficiently, thus making air travel safer. With the help of modern tools such as biometric systems, A.I.T …

Omar Kaddouha

An airport is just a location, and there are quite a number of units that encompass this setting. The airport might have a security section secluded from other departments, a travellers aid office, and many more. This makes a computer the most appropriate and fastest way to communicate.

The invention of computers made work more accessible. They have become vital in the day-to-day activities of almost every running business.

Furthermore, almost all operations have been ousted by computers, and some will eventually be made extinct with time and evolution. …

Do Pilots go through Security Checks?

Omar Kaddouha

In the 1960s, airport security checks were overlooked because there were no dangers like today. Fast forward to 2021, airport security checks are essential and are being implemented and intensified across all countries.

All airport personnel, including pilots and air hostesses, go through rigorous security checks as they go about their duties. It has been identified that airports are the main entry points of illegal goods, counterfeit products, and even wanted fugitives. Therefore, the importance of a thorough security check goes without saying.

Reasons why airport security checks are crucial:

Protection against terrorists

Known terrorists have carried out severe attacks on foreign countries after entering the airport. …

Should Drone Pilots Be Regulated And Have To Pass Exams To Operate?

As of 30 November 2019, the answer to this question is yes for UK drone owners. Drone usage has seen a significant increase in the last few years. More people are investing in drones for recreational, professional and commercial purposes.

The aircraft has also become more affordable as manufacturing demands grow. Due to the popularity of drones, regulation has become necessary. The Civil Aviation Authority established new rules to ensure that any person who owns and operates an unmanned aircraft is responsible for it.

In this quick guide by Omar Kaddouha, you can find out more about the regulation and…

Drones And The Problems For Major International Airports

Drones are bad news in any International Airport. If a drone is suspected to be around an airport, all airport activities are shut down or suspended for hours. Everyone who was travelling will have their plans disrupted immediately when a drone is spotted.

How Drones Cause So Much Disruption In Airports

Airports operate under the just-in-time technique. There will be a plane moving off or onto the runways after every 45 seconds. International Airports operate numerous flights and to different destinations so you can imagine how busy they are.

If drones are present, they may interrupt the flow of planes onto and off the runways especially if planes…

Safety Policies, Standards and Operations

What Airlines Need To Change With The Continuing Threat Of Coronavirus


In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, flying this year is expected to be more tedious as compared to the past. However, this may prove to be a blessing in disguise because various sectors, especially the airport and airlines sector, will be pushed to implement positive change at a drastic speed.

Among expected standards and operations that are expected to change include shorter lines, touchless checkpoints, and increased use of mobile phone features. This article aims at reviewing the safety policies, standards and operations that airports and airlines can change with the continuing threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

You can…

Do Airline Pilots Get To Choose What Aircraft They Fly?

The answer to this question varies among airlines and other factors. First, some airlines permit pilots to choose the aircraft they want to fly or to co-pilot. However, it is always not so simple because the ranks also matter when it comes to these types of decisions.

Senior pilots often choose which aircraft they want to fly, which leaves junior pilots with limited options. The seniority level is brought about by the hours of flight the pilot has or how long he/she has been employed in the airline.

The seniority levels matter a lot when it is time to make…

Omar Kaddouha

Omar Kaddouha, an expert in Aviation Safety of Flights - Director of Flight Safety.

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